What is BruBruBrush?
Attention! We have the first electric toothbrush that cleans teeth perfectly without any effort.
Probably, it’s the world’s simplest way to brush teeth with pleasure.
How did we do it?
It’s easy, BruBruBrush™ has three heads, each with pillowy-soft bristles. By cleaning all sides at once, BruBruBrush™ is able to clean your teeth 2 times faster.
How is this possible?
Our front teeth and molars are of different widths, and they need to be cleaned in different ways. BruBruBrush™ heads has strings inside to hug teeth in spite the width. BruBruBrush™ also adjusts its head to either the front teeth, the narrow, or the square molars. You just push the silky smooth body in order to readjust it. Wow!
It is also very sensitive on your gums.
The bristles of a typical electric brush will rotate only 20 degrees. The bristles used by BruBruBrush™ are able to extend this to a full 60 degrees. Therefore, it can clean the hard to reach spaces easier, without injuring the gums. Simply put, head movements are smooth and soft, yet the cleaning productivity is improved.
Watch the comparison between Oral-B, Curaprox and BruBruBrush
Pay your attention to interdental places.
How are we convinced that it works?
We have proven our results through various clinical trials. First we ran a series of tests on our prototype using an artificial jaw.
For the first test, we covered artificial teeth with a blue chalk solution. It was then cleaned with our brush and a regular toothpaste in just 1.1 seconds, compared to 3.4 seconds with an ordinary electric brush.
For the next test, we rubbed peanut butter into the hard to reach spaces of the test subject. This mixture was oily and could not be rinsed off easily. Our brush cleaned everything in 1.1 seconds. The «Sonic» brush was able to to this also, but it took 2.3 seconds (over twice as long as the BruBruBrush™).
For a third test, we then tried dried mascara. This test was just for fun, but the brush managed to clean up the mascara treated teeth in under 2 minutes. We do not recommend actually putting mascara on your teeth, but if you try, please let us know. 😉

After the artificial jaw trials had been completed, we conducted several more tests using our own mouths. Some members of our team went a day and a half without brushing their teeth (eww gross, we know), and then ate magic pills that highlight plaque in a purple tint in order to help improve a person’s oral hygiene.

Using BruBruBrush™, all teeth were then cleaned perfectly, with the longest test taking 50 seconds.

What happened next?
5 concepts 118 prototypes, and 9 months later,
we have become bristle experts.

We also:

…ruined 2 artificial jaws.
..emptied 4 cans of liquid chalk.
…chewed 27 tablets staining plaque.
Our first idea was to create a mouthpiece that could brush all your teeth at once
teeth properly…
The main problem with this concept is that the required size of the mouthpiece would be too large to comfortably fit in your mouth.

Currently, even with a typical electric brush, which individually cleans each tooth from 1 side, the battery takes up most of the space in the handle. Our engineers tried a bunch of different concepts, and in order to clean all 32 teeth on 3 sides at once, we needed a battery at least 4 times the length of an Oral B toothbrush handle.

We then tested concepts that clean
both the upper and lower jaws individually
Here’re the most interesting:
Small prototype for both upper and bottom teeth

Why did we refuse?

The angle does not allow to brush all teeth well.

* The prototype and the photos weren’t saved

October, 2018
Next prototype that cleaned all the sides of upper and bottom teeth

Why did we refuse?

Too big for the mouth, not comfortable

December, 2018
The same thing, but more compact and convenient

Why did we refuse?

Still too big for the mouth, not comfortable. But cute 🙂

December, 2018
The first 3-headed prototype with Lego details

Why did we refuse?

It had to be self assembled and included a separate battery that made it comically large. It was an engineering feat and although impractical, it was very entertaining to use.

March, 2019
Almost the final prototype

We realized that if the heads did not adjust under both the front and rear teeth, it would not work. There needs to be both a strong amount of force, and the perfect angle of contact, in order to adequately clean your teeth. The back teeth are square and wide, yet the front teeth are triangular and sharp, so it was necessary for us to develop our patented adjustable head system.

May, 2019
Finally, the BruBruBrush™

1. 3 heads that can adjust and clean the plates of any tooth, 3 times faster than a normal toothbrush.

2. 2 different body positions: one for narrow teeth, and a second for wide, so that it can comfortably work for everyone.

3. Careful consideration for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, because of the lower speed and higher rotation amplitude.

July, 2019
Use Cases
Even in our current prototype all technical
and UX moments are considered
  • We made sure that the brush was not only quick and easy to clean, but also comfortable and reliable.
  • It’s 100% water resistant and you shouldn’t be afraid to use it in the shower.
  • It’s smaller than any other electric toothbrushes, and will easily fit in any cosmetic bag.
  • You can take it on a full two-week vacation and it will work without recharging for 30 cleanings.
  • Fully charges from USB in 40 minutes, and any standard USB outlet will work.
  • Works with your favourite toothpaste, so there is no need to change brands.
  • Suitable for children who still hate to brush their teeth. It will fit comfortably in any size mouth.
  • Replacement heads are recommended to be changed every 3 months and we can deliver them straight to you.
Pay 1$ to make a reservation for BruBruBrush. You may cancele your order any time you want.
We’ll start shipping in spring 2020.
Pay 1$ to make a reservation for your BruBruBrush. We’ll start shipping in spring 2020.
You may cancele your order
any time you want.
You may pay by credit card.
We’ll provide you with free returns
within 2 months after getting the brush.
Free worldwide shipping for your order after launching.
1 year warranty will be offered for each toothbrush.
is coming in spring 2020
There’re just 50 pcs in the first batch. Full price is 99$. Pay 1$ to make a reservation.
PAY 1$
Pay 1$ to make a reservation for your BruBruBrush. We’ll start shipping in spring 2020.
You may cancele your order
any time you want.
You may pay by credit card.
We’ll provide you with free returns
within 2 months after getting the brush.
Free worldwide shipping for your order after launching.
1 year warranty will be offered for each toothbrush.
Currently we are:
Certifying our brush patents
Modifying the design aesthetic
Looking for a full team of engineers for mass production
Selecting our supply chain of materials

Technically, everything is ready for us to begin production on our first batch, only slight organizational details remain.

In 4-5 months we’ll begin serving your orders. Delivery will take approximately 8-14 days from the time the order is completed, depending on your location.

Delivery will be handled worldwide by EMS transport company.

Meet our team
Professional engineers with strong backgroung.

The concept and organizational goal of our company is to design, develop and release inventions that make important aspects of life easier, better and more enjoyable.

Together we can do anything. Therefore, we currently have some exciting developments that will soon see the public.

Our innovative production facility includes a core team of 12 qualified professionals. From the birth of an idea to a fully realized product, all stages of product design are completed here in-house.

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